Sahibzada Peer Shabbir Ahmad Siddiqui visit to Sargodha

Sahibzada Shabbir Ahmad Sarkar arrived in Sargodha on Friday the 14th of November 2014 at 10pm, Haji Mohammad Akram Naqashbandi, Adil Freed Naqashbandi, Haji Sarfraz Naqashbandi and other members of the organization welcomed him with the Allah Zikar. He arrived at Aziz Bhati Town Sargodha with his convoy. Then he went to the Radio Station along with Haji Mohammad Akram Naqashbandi, Manzoor Qadir Bhati (Director of Radio Pakistan), Qari Zaheer Abbas Naqashbandi and other companions. He stayed there for a while and his arrival broadcasted on the radio. Later on he prayed for everybody there and left for Adda Chakiyan with his companions, M. Ameer Dhudhi Naqashbandi arranged a congregation at his house there. There was huge number of people attended this congregation from Sillanwali, Sargodha, Shahpur and Khushab region,Zikar (Remembrance of Allah) continued for a long time in the congregation, Later on Naat-o-Kalam started and then Sahibzada Shabbir Ahmad presented the excellence of His holiness Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddqui Lasani Sarkar. More people entered into the Silsila Alia, he prayed for everybody towards the end of the congregation and Langar Shareef (free food) distributed among the attendantsof congregation which was arranged by the M. Ameer Dhudhi Naqashbandi, around 3pm he returned back to Sargodha and stayed with Adil Freed Naqashbandi at his house and 6am in the morning he left for Faisalabad.

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