Zikar and naat congregation tamaseel hall Lahore

Presidential speech of His holiness Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar:

Bismillah Alrahman Alraheem (In the name of Allah, the beneficent the most merciful). It is a good news from Allah Almighty and his beloved Prophet (PBUH) for us that over seven hundred years of worship reward is written in the accountof whoever conduct one congregation authorized by us. It is also proven by the Sharia (Islamic canonical law), and these are indeed spiritual treasures,it is also written in Hadith that “Faqirs” (beloved of Allah) have the spiritual treasures, thus,keep in touch with them”. An average humanbeing can maximum live around seventy to eighty years and this reward is just for one act of holding one congregation, so imagine how big this reward would be. Then I asked Oh my Lord! Such person will instantly become your friend and enter the heaven,and he will be mentioned among worshipers, then Allah Almighty replied yes it is my grace and I can grant who so ever I want. Yet some people complain that their prayers are not accepted so far, the actual reason for this is as we do not pray with true heart. Our actions contradict with our words, we always backbit and slander others, majority of people are involved in depriving and defrauding others, behavior at home is not right with women, there is lack of discrimination between permissible (Halal) and forbidden (Haram). Therefore our beloved Master Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said to me “faiths of the people are being damaged, such people are heading towards misguidance even they read my Qalma but they are still going towards hell”, the foundations of the faith have been shaken, therefore, our beloved Master Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) ordered me to openly announce one month time period everywhere on earth that whoever abstain from eating Haram (forbidden) and stop defrauding others with true heart, I will teach them the correct way of Zikr (remembrance of Allah) InshAllah within a month the true path will be confirmed to him.

People are getting religious, spiritual, worldly and heavenly benefits through our Lasani Welfare Foundation, I have been awarded so many silver and gold medals in recognition of my services for the social welfare from different local and international NGOs, it’s because we are sincere and honest. Most organizations are robbing and squeezing money out of the people. These organizations are only working to get worldly benefits, they have no idea about welfare and its true meaning. We are running schools where a child learns 10 chapters of Quran Shareef by heart when he passes primary education, in his middle class at school he learns 20 chapters of Quran Shareef and by the time he passes 10th class he becomes Hafiz of full Quran Shareef and also getting top passing marks in other subjects than that of other students from other schools. Children learn good Islamic manners and Sunnah of Prophet (PBUH) in our schools when they go home they tell their parents and siblings to sit down and eat, read Bismillah Shareef before start eating so parents are amazed to see their children practicing Sunnah of Prophet (PBUH) at this very young age these children are showing very good manners and teaching others as well, so parents see the huge difference between these children and the children studying at other schools. Fee is less at our schools and parents get excited and say we though these are just ordinary schools but actually our children are getting the best education available and their conscious are getting better as wellas they are become strong and good human. This is the improvement which is rapidly spreading from our institutions and we must strengthen it further and correct our foundations, this is actually our religion as well as our culture, this is our life and this is our after life and that’s what Prophet (PBUH) taught us. The spirits of Prophets, the Angels and Sufi Awliya (Friends of Allah) love pure objects, pure fragrances, Droodh Shareef and Salat-o-salaam and Allah’s names. When these spirits pass over Salat-o-salaam flex sheets they feel coolness, when they cast their first blessing sight upon them then more blessings are showered upon them InshAllah!

If dirty things are hanging on the walls then demons, evil jinn and wicked spirits will come there,they will reduce wisdom and create disturbance and problems. If nails are grown long and nail polish is painted on them then you cannot offer prayer but if we increase beard and properly groom it then it is an order in our religion so that people should not dislike beard. If something attracts you towards Allah Almighty and his beloved Prophet (PBUH) you should adopt it and you must give up those things which take you into wrong direction even if these are permissible because they are forbidden in spirituality. Always remember when our intentions are good then things will be done well InshAllah.May Allah Almighty reward us, increase our knowledge and forgive us and give us the strength to seek pleasure of Allah Almighty and Prophet (PBUH) Ameen!

Falah-e-Insaneyat  Masail aur un ka Hal  Mhafil  Taleemo Terbeyat