The Leader of Tanzeem Mashaikh Uzzam Pakistan His holiness Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarker’s historical speech in Lahore

People have received stress, inflation, sectarianism, aggression and insecurity due to the Irresponsible and corrupt policies of the current government. The government promised to provide justice, reduce the electric load shedding and eliminate the inflation instantly but they  have not fulfilled any ofthese promises so far. People still have no facilities. People are being robbed instead of being provided with the food, clothing and shelter. Tanzeem Mashaikh-e- Uzzam Pakistan has supported the current government along with the other organizations and parties for good cause but the major reason of the downfall of this government is that its leadership sworn on Quran to fulfill their promises and asked us to cast votes in their favor but they have started backing up the blasphemers of the Sufi Saints (Friends of Allah)instead and few government ministers also said that it is our government and we will finish the system of Faqirs and Sufi saints from Pakistan they said this system is causing exploitation and misguidance so Sufism will be eradicated but no one took notice of these things at the government level. We will never tolerate any sort of blasphemy, therefore, we have decided that our ways are separate from the government. As Tanzeem Mashaikh Uzzam Pakistan has reached over six thousand Mashaikh in numbers and it has become the largest Organization of the Mashaikh in Pakistan now, all the Mashaikh (Sufi Saints) of Tanzeem Mashaikh Uzzam and their followers have declared their separation from this government and it has been unanimously decided that we are with the victims and we fully support Alama Tahir ul Qadiri, Sahibzada Hamid Raza (Chairman of Sunni Etihad Council) and we also support Majlis Wahdat al Muslimeen and its allies. Tanzeem Mashaikh Uzzam Pakistan has no relation with those parities which are involved in blasphemy againstthe Prophets of Allah, Prophet (PBUH), his family, his companions and Sufi saints. I want to convey my message to all the Mashaikh Uzzam in four provinces of Pakistan, ask them and their followers to finish all their connections and activities with this government and I also ask them to support Alama Tahir ul Qadiri now. I am very grateful to all the Sufi saints and thousands of people of Lahore who have come here on our call, the majority of Awliya Allah (friends of Allah) have joined this revolution, inshAllah!This government is not going to survive and no one can stand in the way of this revolution now.

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