All the prophets (PBUH) were the biggest human rights activists

A seminar at Holy Church in Faisalabad on World Day of Human Rights His holiness Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar said that all the Prophets(PBUH) were the biggest Human rights activists, thus, all the world’s religions preach humanity to the world, and we are observing the practical example at many Sufi sacred places and dignified thresholds of the saints. Awliya Allah (Saints) are indeed the real heirs of the Prophets (PBUH). Since last three decades the practical teachings of human rights are being lessoned at Astana Alia Lasani Sarkar Faisalabad without any type of religious or sectarian discrimination. Astana Alia has been declared a peace hub. It is all because of the blessings of Allah Almighty and Prophet (PBUH). Our forefathers gave us the best education of Human rights therefore, millions of people around the globe are getting benefits from here.

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