Blasphemy against the Prophets (PBUH), the companions (RT) and the Family of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) may cause the divine retribution

While talking to the journalists, His holiness Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar said, If the Muslim start earning Halal (permissible) provision then 70% to 80% people will automatically be the real followers of Islam. Halal (permissible) provision is a type of a worship as well as a way to avoid sins. It may be possible to prevent natural disasters. We are giving message to the whole mankind that completely abstain from lie, slender, Haram (forbidden) provision and blasphemy against the Prophets (PBUH), the companions (RT) and Awliya Allah (friends of Allah) because the blasphemy of the sacred entities may bring retribution of Allah Almighty so we should repent our sins, ask forgiveness of Allah Almighty and present Durooh-o-Salam (specific phrases to compliment the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)) to the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Economical condition of Pakistan is worse due to the bad government policies. When a question regarding “Malala Yousafzai” was asked His holiness said, there are so many such incidents of open terrorism and bloodshed are occurring in all over the country, therefore, army must come into action to eliminate terrorists from our homeland. His holiness further said only army and judiciary are such institutions in Pakistan which can play their roles to eradicate corruption from our country. Thus, the corrupt elements in the political or non political groups must be held accountable. In such circumstances army must come forward to eradicate the corruption and the terrorist mafia from Pakistan.

Sahaba e Karam showed ideal society