Adverse effects of the unsuitable names

Many people suffer from sorrows and difficulties in their whole life. Some children are extremely stubborn, irritable and violent. There may be the following reasons of all these things.

Once of the reasons is unsuitable names of the children, because incompatible name of a child may create him stubborn and grumpy and afflict him with sorrows and difficulties all his life.

Once our Grand Spiritual Master Syedna Chadar Wali Sarkar (RA) said to our spiritual master His holiness Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar:

Babu Jee! When people come to you and if their names start with the letters S, A, I, R, Z and Y and if they are constantly suffered from sorrows and difficulties in their lives then immediately change their names by yourself as it is a matter of knowledge.

Second reason is that some people keep their children names on the names of the sacred entities and then never call them properly which is wrong. The names of the Prophets (PBUH), their wives and the companions should be called with respect and properly. We must add another name along with their names to avoid disrespect, for example Abubakar,  Ummar, Usman and Ali these names must not be called on their own. Whoever call these names without adding another name to it may face severe consequences and the person whoever is being called with such names may get negative effects on his nature, health and personality as well, on the other hand if full name is called then it will have pleasant effects on the person’s nature, temperament and personality.

Once Allah Almighty said, “If somebody name is Abdul Wahab, Abul Rahman or Abdul Qayyum then he must be called with his full name rather than just Rahman or Qayyum”.

People who have positive effects on their lives by changing names there are few incidents as follow:

Khalida Khursheed from Lahore states: My son name was Muhammad Ummar and we all used to call him Ummar. He was a very mischievous child, his teachers were fed up with his habits I was also tired and fed up so I explained my matter to a sister, she advised me to go to Astana Alia and speak to His holiness Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar. Thus, I told my matter to His holiness and he directed me to change child’s name to Noor Muhammad so we all started calling him Noor Muhammad afterward. After few days his mischievous behaviour started to change his fighting habits were over and he also began to take interest in studies so overall prominent and positive changes happened to my son and with the grace of Allah Almighty he is an obedient son now.

Mrs Naeem from Gujranwala states: My son name was Abubakar he was a very naughty and a violent child, he used to fight with everyone around him he didn’t listen to anyone. We used to get complaints from his schools almost every day nobody was safe from his mischievous acts. So my brother asked me to take him to Astana Alia Lasani Sarkar, His holiness Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar told me to change his name to Noor Ali. After that visible changes started to come to his life, his violent attitude was ended. He listens to me now and turned out to be a very respectful son. He goes to school every day but no more complaints against him.

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