Terrorism is intolerable at the shrines of Awliya Allah (Friends of Allah)

His holiness Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar said in a central consultative council conference, we strongly condemn the terrorist attack on the shrine of famous Sufi saint Syed Kastir Gul KaKa Sahib (RA) on the Eid day in KPK province, many  valuable lives have been lost that day. Terrorist attacks on these sacred and peaceful places are intolerable. Governments all over the world have failed to control the blasphemous elements around the globe which are constantly desecrating our sacred entities. Shutter down strikes or emotional speeches do not solve this problem in any way. Government officials ought to take necessary steps to bring these international terrorists to the justice. Desecration of the shrines and holy places of the sacred entities may bring the divine retribution upon people in shape of natural disasters. Such holy places are being visited by the Muslim and non Muslim regardless of their identity, love and peace is being attained from such holy places so we must all look after and respect these centre of spiritual benevolence. Authorities must implement strict security on the shrines to make sure their safety and arrest the criminals and terrorists as soon as possible to stop the peace being vanished from our world. We may only make progress and bring stability in the world if we eradicate such evil elements from our society.

Terrorists has no religion