The role of Syedna Usman Ghani (RT) in promoting Islam is a source of guidance for the mankind till the Day of Judgment

His holiness Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar said in a congregation held at Lasani Secretariat Faisalabad, “Islam is the most favourite religion of Allah Almighty in all the other world religion therefore, he sent his most beloved and the last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a messenger and a guide to the world”. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prepared a team under his dynamic leadership which played a marvellous role to spread Islam in all corners of the world. The third caliph Syedna Usman Ghani (RA) is one of the most important member of that team who raised the glory of Islam thorough his excellent character and unparalleled services. He sacrificed his wealth and life for Islam. The leader of the Prophets Muhammad (PBUH) honoured him with the glorious titles such as “Ghani” (Wealthy & Prosperous) and “Zunnorain” (). Lives of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his beloved companions (RT) are a great source of guidance for the mankind till the day of judgment and we can succeed in this world and hereafter by following the footsteps of them.

Sahaba e Karam showed ideal society