24th Annual Zikar-o-Naat& qawwali congregation, Mushaikh and interreligious peace alliance convention 2014

24th Annual Zikar-o-Naat and Qawwali Congregation was held on 26th June 2014, His holiness Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar the Head of Tanzeem Mashaikh Uzzam Pakistan, Chairman of Interreligious Peace Alliance, and Chairman of Lasani Welfare Foundation (registered) International) presided this congregation. Scholars from different school of thoughts, leaders from various religions and sects including thousands of male and female community workers attended this convention. Congregation started with the recitation of Holy Quran. And then Manqabat (praise of a Sufi Saint), Naats (praise of Prophet (PBUH) and Qawwali(Sufi mystical song) have been presented.

Lasani Welfare Foundation (registered) International has arranged Lasani Lawyers Forum which is providing free legal advice anywhere in Pakistan to serve those who have no access to law. On this occasion the Lawyers wing congratulated His holiness Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar to hold such a huge and peaceful congregation. They said humanity needs an entity like His holiness Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar who is directly connected to Allah and his beloved Prophet (PBUH) he is also popular among other religious groupsand this magnificent congregation is the proof that the entire humanity want to be at His holinessLasani Sarkar’s service.

Professor Alama Peer Mohammad Akram Chishti (Caliph of Dargah Ajmeer Shareef, central information secretary of Matehda Majlis Mushaikh Pakistan, Chairman of Fehm ul Quran Council, Deputy Speaker secretary of Mushaikh Council Pakistan)

He said, Allah says in Quran oh my beloved Prophet (PBUH) we have raised your remembrance for your pleasure, every bit of the universe seek the pleasure of Allah Almighty but Allah Almightywants the pleasure of his beloved Prophet (PBUH)



Alama Peer Ghulam Rasool Awaisi (Central Leader of Tehreek Awaisia Pakistan, General Secretary of Jamiat Ulma Islam Pakistan)

He said,today’s convention is actually a spiritual and Intuitive gathering we pray in every Salatthat Oh Allah show us the right path so Allah says your destination is throughmy Marfat (cognition), but which way is the best to get cognition of Allah Almighty then Allah says there is only one way for every Muslim that “There is none God except Allah and Mohammad (PBUH) is the Prophet of Allah Almighty” Every Muslim seek steadfastnessin their prayers so Allah Almighty furthers says in Quran that the Prophets, the truthful, martyrs and friends of Allah are blessed people of Allah so join their group keep contact with them so that you will reach your destination.

Peer Mohammad Tabassum Awaisi (Sijada Nasheen Awaisia Center Narowal)

He said Lasani Sarkar and his beneficenceboth are unique, people from all the religions and sects come at Astana Alia, a real Sufi place is whence the entire humanity gets benevolence. Lasani Sarkar‘s mission is global and vibrant nature, his mission as well as his personality both are Lasani (Unique).

Alama Mohammad Sarfaraz Fareedi (Administrator of Ahl-e-Sunnat Jammat District Pakpattan)

He congratulated the followers of His holiness that they have got Nisbat (spiritual connection) in Silsila Alia Naqashbandia Chadariya Lasania, this Silsila (spiritual order) belongs to Hazrat Abubakar Siddique (RTA) he is a beloved companion and first one of four caliphs of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Siddique Akbar is Lasani (Unique) in every way, it is a great privilege for us to be here today in this congregation, Siddique Akbar stayed with Prophet (PBUH) through thick and thin so the message of this convention today is peace and love. Let’s promote Sufism in Pakistan again because this is the only team which can bring love and peace in Pakistan as well as to the whole world.

Peer Caliph Mohammad Sadiq Qureshi Naqibi (Chairman of Tehreek Haqooq Millat Pakistan, vice president of Darveesh Cabinet, General Secretery of Bazm-e-Awliya Noor Islam Pakistan)

He said the personality of His holiness Lasani Sarkar is a treasure of beneficence and blessing, he is teaching peace and brotherhood to the whole humanity, I appreciate and join his mission of peace, sincerity and love.

Sahibzada Syed Shahid Hussain Shah Gardezi  (Chairman International Bazm-e-Qadriya Jhelania, Chairman Mushaikh Ahl-e-Sunnat Pakistan, Chairman Ghardezi Welfare Society, Sajada Nasheen Astana Alia Shah Ghardez, Central General Secretary of Milad Committee Pakistan, Administrator of Jamia Fatimia Taleem al Quran Lahore.

He said I am very fortunate to be here at His holiness Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar service I also congratulate him who has conducted such a magnificent congregation in this difficult time and given a message to the enemy of Islam that we are not scared of terrorism anymore, we strongly condemn terrorism, His holiness Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar has spent all his life to raise the remembrance of Allah and his beloved Prophet (PBUH). We are with Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar in this journey for the love of Prophet (PBUH). We are ready to work along with himand we fully support the operation Zarb-e-Azb under the leadership of our Peer-o-Murshad Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddqui Lasani Sarkar.

Dr. Jameel Qalandar(M.A, M phill, PHD in Islamic studies, Arabic and English, Comparative religion expert)

He said, it is pretty obvious that this is a magnificent spiritual gathering here today and Lasani Sarkar is teaching us human welfare. His holiness Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar is excellently performing his job for the interreligious peace allianceand dream for a peaceful society is only possible through his efforts, I pay tribute to His holiness Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar for his exceptional services.

Mian Tahir Jameel (Member Provincial Assembly)

I am very glad to see that His holiness Lasani Sarkar is working for the human welfare and showing people the right way to Allah (SWT)

Naeem ullah Gill (Member Provincial Assembly)

I am very proud and fortunate to attend this congregation of Friends of Allah (SWT) today, His holiness Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar is guiding the people to the right path of Allah (SWT).

Arjun Daas (Advocate, Chairman of Meghora Council Pakistan)

Representing the Hindu Community he said, His holiness Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar has done awonderful job for the Interreligious Peace Alliance and we have full faith in him, we believe Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar will play an important role to deliver the voice of the Hindu community to the Parliament, we are verygrateful to His holiness Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar.

Naseem Matto (Chairman of Pakistan Masihi Insaf Party)

I am very grateful to His holiness Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar who invited us in this convention, we announce to join the Interreligious peace alliance Pakistan, we will work together now inshAllah!

Riaz Mahmood Matto (Chairman Tehreeke Tahafaz Haqooq Aqliyat Ghujranwala)

We are working for the rights of the minorities in Pakistan we hope our problems will be solved through His holiness Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar.

Amir Samuel (Provincial General Secretary Punjab Pakistan Tehreeke Insaf Minority Wing)

I very glad to be here today and I pay tribute to Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar he is spreading the message of wellness, love and brotherhood to the whole humanity we are all one for the stability and security of Pakistan, Sufies Always teach humanism we are human first and then religion comes after and these are the teachings of His holiness Siddqui Lasani Sarkar.

On this Occasion many organizations also presented His holiness Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar with Gold medals and awards.

Presidential Speech of His holiness Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar (Head of Tanzeem Mushaikh Uzzam Pakistan, Chairman of Interreligious Peace Alliance, Chairman of Lasani Welfare Foundation International Registered)

Addressing the convention His holiness Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar Said we need to adopt the methods of Sufism for the peace and stability of Pakistan, Today all the religions have full faith in the biggest team of Sufies Tanzeem Mushaikh Uzzam Pakistan we have thousands of Mushaikh joined this organization now we raise the slogan of the humanity first then religions, This is the true spirit of Islam and we need to work together under the supervision of all the religions and sects. Some groups are trying to spread Islam with the guns and violence which is absolutely against Islamic teachings, we all have agreed at one point on this platform that Pakistani armed forces are fighting for the survival of Pakistan and we are with our armed forces, Sufies has spread Islam in every era therefore Government should take benefits from the Sufies as well for the existence of Pakistan. All the religions have pledged with us to protect Islam and Pakistan now. Some elements are involved in blasphemy of the Prophets, Caliphs and companions of the Prophet (PBUH) and the Awliya Allah (the friends of Allah (SWT)) which is why Allah (SWT)’s wrath is descending upon Pakistan and we must stop these elements, our organization is the biggest organization of Pakistan in which leaders from all the sects and religions have affiliated with us. Government is not listening to what we are suggesting them that’s why they are going through tough time, if anyone act upon our advice will get success inshAllah.

There will not be any change in Pakistan until right people come forward in the Government. We have started a campaign against those who areprayer less; eating haram (forbidden) and involved in any sort of blasphemy must be disqualified from taking part in the election, strict measures must be adopted to prevent election rigging and illegal vote casting, Pakistan army has always been excellent for the Pakistan we are with Pakistan Army for the supremacy of Islam and stability of Pakistan.

In the end of the congregation His holiness Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar prayed for the peace, stability and security of the nation and the Country.

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