Pakistan Stability Mashaikh Convention Punjab

Pakistan stability convention was held on 20th March 2005 at Town Hall Mall road Lahore arranged by Tanzeem Mashaikh Uzzam Pakistan under the chairmanship of Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar. Hundreds of Mashaikh from different spiritual orders attended this convention from all around Punjab province including thousands of male and female workers from Lasani welfare foundation, Soum-o-Salat Committee and Lasani Inqilab International.

Objectives of this convention:

Assessthe efforts of awakeningreal spirit of Islam through Tanzeem Mashaikh Uzzam platform.

Prepare the Mashaikh and their assistants including other people who understand themysticism and spirituality to form a better civil society.

Invite those Mashaikh who understand true essence of Islam to practically take part in the national security and stability matters.

Train the Sufism friendly minds to establish moderate peaceful society.

Provide awareness to the simple Mashaikh about the tactics of the terrorist and violent elements.

Raise the public awareness and mobilize themto achieve the national interests according to the rapidly changing circumstances of the world.

Get tips and suggestions from Mashaikh and take their opinion on Pakistan stabilitymatters and later on send their views to the government chambers.

Mashaikh should be taken into confidence in the national matters.


Peer Tariqat Ahsan al Haq Naqashbandi Masoomi presented welcome speech, he said real spirit of Islam should be presented through the message of spirituality. Those who understand the teachings of mysticism and spirituality can form a better civil society. He congratulated His holiness Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar for conducting this convention. He further said that we would never compromise on the teachings and values of Awliya Allah (friends of Allah), the current government must ban all the poisonous literature which is causing religious hatredand sectarianism and it must immediately be seized and strict legal actions must be taken against their publishing organizations.

Peer Tariqat Sufi Farzand Ali Sabri Qalandrimanaged to get consensus of the attendants Mashaikh of the conference through his written suggestions that corrupt and radical people must be stopped and details of the corruption and theft of the national wealth must be brought to the public treasury.

Peer Tariqat Liaqat Ali Naqashbandi made it clear through his written document that it is duty of the rulers to restore the dignity and respect of shrines of the Mashaikh, he urged the government to get benefits from Awliya Allah (Sufi Saints) and take their opinions in the national matters.

Peer Tariqat Sufi Syed Ahmad Nadeem Naqashbandisaid in his statement that Obscenity and vulgaritywas increasing day by day and it is because people are going away from spirituality. Sense of insecurity among minorities and victims is causing downfall of the rulers. Government needs a solid practical code of conduct through which we can establish a welfare state

Peer Tariqat Sufi Syed Shaukat Ali Chisti Qadri said in his written message that peaceful moderate society can only be established by spiritually and mystically inclined people and Tanzeem Mashaikh Uzzam Pakistan is a practical shape of such people.

Peer Tariqat Muhammad Rashid Naqashbandi said in this speech that Mashaikh must decide today that they would vote only those people who are spiritual and moderate minded and respect Awliya Allah (Sufi Saints). Government should take action to prevent injustice against the Mashaikh.

Peer Tariqat Sufi Sabbir Muhammad Naqashbandi Mujadadi said in his written statement that practical alliance of Mushaikh will not let the original shape of Islam be blemished, Spiritual and mystical minded NGOs and Tanzeem Mashaikh Uzzam Pakistan is serving the humanity and making Darbars (shrines) and monasteriesin Pakistan peaceful civilized and secure places.

Peer Tariqat Major (R) Hamayon Qadri said that today we have people from every sector of life including social workers and Mashaikh in this convention and I congratulate all of you on this occasion.Today Pakistan is being accused for hosting terrorism which is a false accusation, besides Islam condemns terrorism and murdering innocent people is not Islam loving thing at all.

Sahibzada Abdul Majeed Naqashbandi said if government is sincere to establish bright moderate society then moderate minded Mashaikh should be given opportunitiesto represent the government committees, boards and institutions.

Sufi Nazeer Hussain Naqashbandi said that fawning and flattering type of Molvies (religious scholars) in the government are causing downfall of the governments.

His holiness Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar (Leader of Tanzeem Mashaikh Uzzam Pakistan )said in his speech that those who understand spirituality are peaceful minded people. Awliya Allah (friends of Allah) put the love of Allah into people’s heart through their spiritual sight of Marfat (cognition of Allah. His holiness made it clear that only Awliya Allah (Sufi saints) could intellectually assist the national institutions towards right direction. Civilization and culture is getting weaker due to lack of counseling of Faqirs (Beloveds of Allah) in government matters, even social thinking and lifestyle is crumbling. While discussing international situation he said rapidly changing world circumstances demand from Mashaikh to awake the conscious of public now, terrorism must be condemned and its causes have to be searched.According to Mashaikhactual causes of terrorism are poisonous literature extremism and sectarianism in the society. He said Auqaf is department of Mashaikh and only Awliya Allah loving people should be appointed on the shrines of the friends of Allah. Mashaikh are active now to help Government to eliminate interest based business immediately from Pakistan. His holiness urged those Mashaikh who understand the real spirit of Islam to take interest in the government matters therefore positive changes will occur nationally and internationally. He further said that soon government would be informed with the decisions made in this convention inshAllah! And he urged the Mushaikh to practically take part in the activities regarding human welfare and public mobilization. At the end of the convention he made dua for Pakistan stability

Pakistan Stability Mushaikh Convention Lahore joint declaration:

People related to different spiritual orders and Mushaikh must vote only to spiritual and moderate minded people who respect Awliya Allah

Strict legal action must be taken against those TV channels and cable operators which are spreading vulgarity and nudity and a code of conduct should be set for them.

Government must bring those people to justice who has stolen national wealth and their accountability must be ensured without any discrimination.

Restoring the dignity and respect of the shrines of Awliya Allah is the foremost responsibility of the government and only Awliya Allah loving people should be appointed at shrines

Increasing insecurity amongst other religions has to be noticed seriously and comprehensive non political strategy should be formed.

Corrupt and radical minded people have to be stopped and a comprehensive strategy must be formed to erase the effects of violent and extremist elements in the society.

Spiritual and scientific minded Mushaikh should be given representations of the government institutions, boards and committees to establish the moderate and bright minded society.

Awliya Allah are the real representatives of the public therefore we should learn from spirituality and mysticism to bring all the other religions together, eliminate religious hatred and establish love and peace in the society.

Fake and fraudulent Molvies (religious scholar) and peers (spiritual guide) must be brought to the justice to restore the genuine dignity and respect of Awliya Allah and Mushaikh.

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